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About STEP
Working towards a more sustainable future by facilitating adoption of green
technologies through monitoring, research, and knowledge sharing.
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TRIECA - March 22-23, 2017

Register now for Canada’s premier stormwater and erosion and sediment control conference

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The Living City Campus

Part of the BRE Innovation Parks Network

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Inspecting and Maintaining Low Impact Development

This new guide provides municipalities and property managers with the tools to integrate LID practices
into their stormwater infrastructure programs.

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Renewable Energy for social housing
STEP is working in partnership with Evergreen to quantify the benefits of investing in solar, geothermal and wind
technologies for social housing projects
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New LID Stormwater Planning and Design guidance coming in 2017

An update to the 2010 Guide will reflect the evolution of LID design and integrate new soon-to-be-released
guidance and standards from the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.