Webinar – Reusing SWM Pond Sediment: New research and changes to Ontario’s regulatory framework

September 28, 2017
12:00 – 1:00 pm
Instructors: Francine Kelly-Hooper and Lisa Rocha

Course Description

This webinar will discuss recent stormwater management facility (SWMF) sediment beneficial use case studies. Diverting sediment from landfill disposal is the sustainable environmental option and it also highly beneficial for the financial bottom line, since landfill tipping fees can be substantial. The case studies will demonstrate how risk evaluations were used to obtain reuse approvals under the current regulatory framework. Comparisons will be made to the new approval process described in the MOECC’s Excess Soil Best Management Practice Regulatory Proposal, which is expected to be approved in 2018.  This webinar will also present new ecotoxicity research data, which indicates that typical SWMF sediment contaminant sources may have lower bioavailability and toxicity risks than are reflected by standard laboratory analysis data and regulatory standards. These results are relevant to sediment reuse risk evaluations that may be conducted according to current or future regulatory frameworks. Webinar instructors Francine Kelly-Hooper and Lisa Rocha will provide: (i) an overview of the Inspection and Maintenance Guide for Stormwater Management Ponds and Constructed Wetlands published by TRCA and CH2M in 2016, (ii) a summary of plant and earthworm ecotoxicity results, (iii) an overview of the MOECC’s proposed regulatory changes related to excess soil, and (iv) a discussion on the ways in which this new excess soil policy and regulation could shape the options for reuse of SWM sediment from facility cleanouts.


Who Should Attend?

Any professionals involved in planning, executing and/or approving stormwater management facility clean out projects, including public and private sector SWM facility owners and managers, consultants, developers and contractors.


Learning Objectives:

1. What the current regulatory environment allows with respect to beneficial reuse of SWM facility sediment.
2. How sediment reuse options could change based on the MOECC’s new Excess Soil Management Regulatory Proposal.
3. The latest SWMF sediment ecotoxicity research.


Additional information:

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